Now that your new carpet is installed, it’s time to review all of the proper care and maintenance steps that will keep your plush pile looking pristine. In addition to preventative steps to take around the home, effective regular care makes all the difference. Once you know the best ways to remove dirt and debris from carpet, as well as carpet stain treatment, there’s no need to stress!

Although you may not be able to clean your surfaces every day, there are steps you can take that will help you maintain your carpet around the clock. It starts with using mats at all entranceways to keep the icy slush of Alaska from ever entering your home or business. Also, make sure that guests who enter your home remove all boots, galoshes, and footwear before walking on the carpet. Keep all pet nails and claws trimmed to prevent snags on the carpet and brush their fur regularly to reduce the pet dander that lands on the surface. Use felt protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to help reduce the impact on the carpet pile. These daily carpet care steps will help you maintain the soft beauty tremendously.

The number one way to maintain the surface of your carpet is to remove dirt and debris as effectively as possible, and as frequently as possible! It starts with a suitable vacuum model that matches your carpet construction. Disengage the beater bars and ensure that your carpet manufacturer has warranted robot vacuums before investing in one. Vacuum your carpet daily or as frequently as possible in order to remove particles before they become abrasive. This crucial carpet care step will help prevent wear from daily activity and help the surface wear more evenly over time.

Spills in an active home will happen occasionally, but there’s no need to worry when you are prepared. Treat spills as soon as possible to prevent permanent stains for forming and absorption into the carpet that can create odors. Gently lift any solid material from the spill with a spoon. Now, blot the stain with warm water using a dry, clean white cloth. Work from the outside of the stain in towards the center. You can use a gentle, carpet-specific cleaner approved by your carpet manufacturer as needed for spot treatment. We also recommend 1-2 professional carpet cleanings annually as part of your overall carpet care strategy. This will help remove any residual spill from your carpet.

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