After working hard to select the perfect laminate floors for your home, it’s time to prepare for the big installation day! As your laminate installation professionals in Anchorage, AK, we can help you get ready by lending expertise and outlining steps to minimize displacement in the home. Follow these helpful tips before, after, and during laminate installation for best results.

Since new laminate products often offer floating floor capability, they may be able to be installed over existing floors! First, remove all furniture, furnishings, electronics, and wall hangings from the room and closets. If your installers determine that a floating floor installation is not the best option, the old flooring must be removed entirely and disposed of properly. Once your old flooring or subfloor is suitable for installation, it’s time to bring in the laminate to acclimate to the humidity levels in the home. Laminate flooring should acclimate for 2 days in advance of installation.

When the laminate installation day is here, make plans to stay home in order to answer questions for your installers and help troubleshoot any issues that may come up. Designate a specific area of the home for installers to keep their equipment and cut pieces as needed. Keep kids and pets away from the rooms receiving new laminate, as well as the installers area where potentially dangerous tools like saws will be used. Depending on the size of the area receiving new laminate, installation may only take one day!

Once your new laminate installation is complete, now is the time to ask your installers any questions you may have. If your laminate is a glue-down variety, wait for 24 hours until the floor is completely cured before entering the room. Make sure your doors still have full range of motion with the new flooring height, especially if your laminate is installed as a floating floor. Return furniture into the room carefully by lifting or with proper equipment, never dragging pieces across the floor. Begin proper laminate care and maintenance following the manufacturer’s guidelines and start enjoying your new floors!

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Laminate is an affordable, high-performance flooring option that also lends plenty of chic style, provides durability, and remains gorgeous. With a wide variety of visuals, textures, and finishes to select from, Super Floors Of Alaska is your laminate source in Anchorage, AK.

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There's no need to stress over caring for laminate floors. In addition to preventative measures to take around the home, effective regular cleaning makes all the difference. Review all the proper laminate care and maintenance steps to keep your eye-catching floors shining.

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